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By now many of you have heard My Project Hell is gently closing the door for a rest after 2 years and 50 episodes!

We covered a lot of solid project management ground with our Coaches Corner, Love It or Lose It, Hot Topics, and special guest interviews.

We had many fantastic aspiring, accidental, and seasoned project managers come on the show, and with vulnerability shared where they were struggling so others could learn along with them. 

We had outstanding guests offer their own experience, perspectives, and wisdom from their own special niches and domains to expand the way we think about different aspects of project management.

And best of all, had a lot of fun on the journey.

Gently closing the door to My Project Hell doesn’t mean we’re going away entirely.

You can still watch any of the 50 episodes on our YouTube channel, or reach out to both of us directly to schedule a complimentary session to troubleshoot your own project hell.

Gratitude to all of you who supported us and MPH!
Paul ThompsonKelly Schactler, PMP, CSM, and Katie Thompson

While we are away you can keep up on all things project management by reading through our blog pages or find more project portfolio management articles over at: Strategic Project And Portfolio Management | Insights, Strategies, And Innovations For Leaders

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