Our Story

The northwest tech community is small.  If you manage projects within the tech sector there is a good chance you’ll see a lot of the same faces over and over again as you move around Oregon and Washington.  At least you’ll see the good project leaders over and over again.  That is exactly what happened with Paul and Kelly.

For years, as their paths crossed, they both witnessed the other’s success in managing complex technology projects for clients and a healthy respect was formed.

As they continued their separate paths it became clear that they had similar professional goals as well as a personal

desire to help others who are struggling to manage project.  It was inevitable that one day these two project experts would come together and create a forum to share their experience with others.

That forum is “My Project Hell”.  The name My Project Hell or MPH if we are in polite company, was chosen to remind them that we all have lived through the projects from hell.  These are the projects that have you gouging out your eyes because every day feels like the project has you descending into a new level “Dante’s Inferno”. However, these are also the projects where you earn your stripes and develop the skills needed to bring projects back from the brink and ensure future projects avoid trouble all together. 

For all project managers in all industries and sectors, Paul and Kelly want to shorten your learning curve through their experience shares and project guidance.


20 minute live webcast twice a month.


To be a relevant go-to resource for those managing project. A live coaching session where you can ask questions and get advice from seasoned professionals in order to prevent the project from hell.


Aspiring, accidental, and practicing project management who want to level up their game.


Live, recorded Zoom session with registered participants. Paul and Kelly tee up a topic to discuss briefly, then work with a participant on a pre-submitted question.

Zoom session recordings are available for you to catch up with on YouTube. Watch now

Our Mission:

To be a relevant go-to resource for project managers there they can ask burning questions and get advice from seasoned professionals about projects from hell.


Project Management Rebooted
Kelly is on a journey to bring simple, understandable AND useful project management tools and concepts to those who want and need them (read: to those who don’t have access and boatloads of money for boring, mind-numbing training that usually ends up never being used), infusing authenticity, excellence and humor into the ride.

Paul Thompson

Metagyre, Inc.
When it comes to Project and Portfolio Management Office (PPMO) Paul places emphasis on results over academic theory. Metagyre’s proven method, deeply experienced staff and leading-edge project and portfolio tools reflect Paul’s results oriented mindset ensuring the best solution-focused outcomes.

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